Date: 5 Oct 2023
Start time: 12:00
Finish time: 13:00
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Non-members: £2.50

A transformative shift is underway with the emergence of ‘Low-Code’ and “No-Code” movement that accelerates software development and automation by allowing users with limited coding experience to actively participate in innovation process. In this webinar session we will consider how Business Analysts can utilise the disruptive power of Low-Code/No-Code applications and platforms to significantly reduce the hurdles involved in creating digital solutions. We will also explore how a Business Analysts can combine innovative systems thinking with Low-Code/No-Code concepts to modernize legacy systems and reengineer business processes.


Swati Asthana

Senior Consultant, Low-Code/No-Code Transformation Lead at Capco

Swati is a Senior Consultant and Low-Code/No-Code (LC-NC) Transformation Lead at Capco, the global technology and management consultancy. As part of Transformation team, Swati focuses on reporting automation and statistical modelling to drive product development and business strategies, as well as building custom data models to provide actionable insights for a wide variety of business challenges. She has extensive experience working with Tier 1 banks managing projects in the finance innovation space and business process analytics. She has hands-on experience of leading Citizen Developer/LC-NC programmes, upskilling teams in using self-service tools and promoting a self-sustainable environment across teams and the wider organization. 


Outside Capco, Swati is a self-confessed history geek, technologist, innovator, explorer and an aspiring blogger. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer for social causes and attend tech meetups. 


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