Date: 21 Feb 2024
Start time: 12:00
Finish time: 12:45
Members/event pass: FREE
Non-members: £2.50

Our Bitesized Business Analysis series will examine a range of analysis techniques and activities across all areas of business analysis practice, from strategic analysis and investigating business problems, to identifying possible solutions, defining requirements, and realising benefits. In each session, we'll explore one technique - what it is, how it's used, and any potential pitfalls! There'll also be an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions of other attendees.

In our second session, we'll be exploring the PESTLE technique. We'll look at when this technique can be used, explore each of the elements, and have a go at carrying out some PESTLE analysis against a simple scenario.

Helen Holder is a Senior Business Analyst within Ministry of Justice. She's been a BA for over 10 years, working predominantly within the public sector and is also a volunteer in IIBA UK's Midlands branch team.

In her spare time, Helen is a keen reader and enjoys having a go at upcycling furniture (but don't mention the garage full of old cupboards!)



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