Date: 28 May 2020
Doors open: 18:00
Start time: 18:30
Where: Bristol
Venue: One College Square South
Anchor Road

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The T-shaped BA in a Technical World & Managing Anxiety as a BA hosted by Hargreaves Lansdown



Delivering the aspiration - T-shaped BA in a technical world – Paul Waddle and Mike Godby
Transformation, new technology and ambitious business expectations.

This has led HL to a desired outcome of implementing a brand new API architectural blueprint that also realises business benefits.
This current complexity is a situation faced by many organisations, a challenge that often falls on BAs.

  • What can a BA do?
  • How do you make the complex, simple?
  • How do you bring the Business and IT on a path rarely trodden?

The recent experience of BAs at Hargreaves Lansdown has been focused on trying to address these challenges. The approach often taken was to become more T-Shaped. We try to show how this approach has helped us work with these challenges. The talk will focus on:


  1. How our BAs created simplicity from a complex world whilst keeping pace with technical discussions
  2. What BA roles existed, what worked, what didn’t and the challenges we still face... 


About Paul
Paul Waddle’s current role is leading the analysis efforts on HL's Award Winning Mobile Application. As part of this, he acts as Product Owner for API deliveries whilst performing business analysis activities to support the rollout of new features to the Mobile App. Recently, Paul has also worked on embedding a new API lifecycle and the creation of an API Guild, to help bring the whole organisation along with the technology change. Previously, Paul has worked in consultancy on Digital and IT Change in retail, local government and automotive for PwC, before moving to HL as a BA to work on regulatory and mobile app change.

About Mike
Mike Godby is a Senior Business Analyst for Hargreaves Lansdown and is currently leading Business Analysis efforts on HL’s Digital Transformation initiative using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). In his 12+ years working as a Business Analyst he has worked in a number of different industry sectors (Technology/Manufacturing/Creative/Financial) delivering significant technology based change in the UK and Internationally. This experience across a variety of sectors has given him insight into the diversity of responsibilities that BA’s can be tasked with in complex technology work and the value they can bring.


Anxiety, stress and shange or how I learned to stop worrying and love the pressure – Eleanor Stowe 

Business Analysis is an exceptionally diverse role: sometimes there’s nowhere near enough time and support to get the job done, and other times there’s not much more to do but sit and wait. The skills needed are very broad, too; negotiation, leadership and people skills are high on the list, as well as analysing requirements, priorities and time frames. Given how broad the role is and how difficult some change initiatives can be, at some point BAs are highly likely to be pushed past the boundaries of their comfort zones. This can be exciting and challenging, but it can also open up a world of anxiety and stress, which left unchecked can become extremely limiting in efforts to lead teams and produce the best work.
In this talk we'll be going through:

  • What is anxiety and how it differs from stress
  • How stress and anxiety can negatively affect your work
  • How to develop your long-term resilience and how to adapt to stressful periods
  • Typical change activities and quick wins for lowering stress in tricky situations


About Eleanor
Eleanor began her professional life as an operatic soprano, where she sang in many concert venues across the UK. After falling out of love with her singing career, Eleanor turned her attention to technology, where she worked in website and systems support. She has since worked as a Business Analyst in health and energy industries, she completed the BCS Diploma and is currently working at OVO Energy on regulation heavy projects. Eleanor has a wealth of experience of performing both off and on stage in high pressure environments, through which she’s developed a handy toolkit for dealing with the pressure.



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