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Business Analyst (Level 2), Capita

Location: Sheffield
Salary: TBC

Key activities and responsibilities

  • Undertake business analysis activities across all phases of the project lifecycle according to the business analysis lifecycle, ensuring compliance with CEB policies on information security and regulatory compliance
  • Work directly with the Business Users and Client Representatives, as well as IT, Implementation, Testing and Training to ensure that the solutions that are developed are fit for purpose
  • Review project documentation in collaboration with interfacing project teams (Implementation, IT, Testing and Training)
  • Support the Project Manager through the efficient delivery of the business analysis deliverables agreed and baselined during Initiation.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve project queries and issues
  • Support other Business Analysts


  • Establish, validate and document Business Requirements with the Client Representatives and the Business Users
  • Undertake document walkthroughs with all interfacing departments and project stakeholders (including IT, Implementation, Testing and Training)
  • Document a Traceability Matrix in collaboration with Implementation, IT, Testing & Training
  • Ensure solution designs satisfy the business requirements
  • Testing documentation in collaboration with the Test Team to ensure alignment with the business requirements and proposed solution
  • Review Implementation specifications in collaboration with the Implementation teams to ensure alignment with the business requirements
  • Review Training materials in collaboration with the Training team to ensure alignment with the business requirements, business process and proposed solution
  • Support Client Representatives, Business Users and Testers through UAT
  • Undertake floorwalking during go live where required
  • Participate in project meetings and project status calls
  • Liaise with clients, third parties and Capita departments
  • Promote buy-in for go live by supporting planning, communications and internal and external training when required



Key performance indicators

  • Successful delivery of own Business Analysis project deliverables
  • Receive positive feedback from stakeholders
  • Adherence to the agreed Business Analysis processes / documentation
  • Adherence to the Business Analysis Standards and Quality standards


Person specification

  • Isn’t this covered in the key activities and responsibilities + tech capabilities?


Behavioural competencies


Open – we are honest and transparent and always act with integrity


  • We treat our customers fairly
  • We are approachable
  • We embrace diversity and respect our colleagues
  • We share challenges and solve issues together

Ingenious – we think smartly, are resourceful and innovative


  • We have the courage to think and do things differently
  • We are not afraid to ask questions
  • We look for new and innovative solutions

Collaborative – we take ownership but also draw on the benefits of teamwork and partnering 


  • We respect, support and benefit from shared views and ideas
  • We share challenges working in partnership to solve them
  • We combine the talent and skills of our businesses for the best results


Effective – we deliver what we promise and believe great service can always be better


  • We are energetic and pragmatic
  • We strive to do the best we can
  • We have a can-do mentality and approach to delivery



  • Customer first – put yourself in their shoes and deliver what they need
  • Create solutions – take accountability to solve the problem
  • Change – be prepared to change the way we do things and how we work – customers are changing and so must we!
  • Collaborate and communicate – work together and talk to each other whether customers, colleagues, suppliers or strangers!
  • Challenge the norm – ask why? How can we do things better/differently?


Technical competencies



Software Solutions:

  • Experience of working as a Business Analyst either within or with an IT department on projects that contain systems as part of the solution
  • Essential

Web Knowledge/Experience:

  • Experience of working as a Business Analyst on new and existing web applications
  • Essential

Process Development and Process Management:

  • Experience of documenting an end-to-end process, including interfacing upstream and downstream processes. Ability to document and communicate process interdependencies, risks and issues. Experienced in As is, To Be and Gap Analysis
  • Essential

High Level & Detailed Analysis

  • Experience of undertaking high level and detailed analysis in order to produce Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) and Requirements Catalogues suitable for a business audience, as well as being suitable for IT, Testing & Training
  • Essential

Functional Specification

  • Experience of producing a Functional Specification in collaboration with a Designer or Developer.
  • Essential

Traceability Matrix

  • Experience of translating the Requirements Catalogue into a Traceability Matrix in conjunction with IT, Testing and Training
  • Essential

Collaborating with Testing & Training

  • Experience of working in collaboration with Testing and Training throughout the project lifecycle, with particular experience of inter-related deliverables
  • Essential

UAT Support

  • Experience of working with Testing and the Client/Customer to support the UAT process
  • Essential

Handling Sensitive Client Data

  • Experience of handling sensitive client data, including being able to explain DPA and its role in this sector. Understand CEB and Capita Group Standards for data management
  • Essential

Project Management

  • End to end experience of the project lifecycle – able to describe the key phases of projects from initiation to closure and can provide examples of active participation in the Business Analysis deliverables in all of these phases
  • Essential

Stakeholder Management

  • Experience of effectively communicating with all stakeholders within a project from Initiation through to Closure
  • Essential

MS Visio:

  • Confident with the conventions for swim lane, use case and class diagrams
  • Explain the use of objects and connectors
  • Apply hyperlinks between objects on diagrams
  • Articulate a process through a Visio diagram
  • Essential

MS Excel:

  • Describe the difference between the following chart types and their application: column, stacked column, line, pie, doughnut
  • Demonstrate the ability to use filters, sorting, pivot tables (rows, columns, grouping, filters and totalling), lookups, control totals, IF and nested IF statements and formatting of cells to specific guidelines
  • Can manipulate data with exceptional data accuracy
  • Essential

MS Word:

  • Understands how to use corporate standards and templates, including styles
  • Understands how to layout tables and other objects, including how to wrap text around these
  • Can use headers and footers
  • Can use document review and change tracking
  • Can merge data and embed documents and other objects
  • Understands the use of document properties and metadata to ‘anonymise’ documents
  • Essential

Pensions and/or Employee Benefits Administration

  • Understand the Pensions industry and has experience of working within the pensions industry. 
  • Alternatively, experience of working within a regulated environment
  • Desirable

Hartlink Knowledge/Experience

  • Familiar with the Hartlink system.
  • Understand the relationships between members, benefits, providers, schemes, funds and investments
  • Desirable

Orbit/Hartlink Online Portal (HOP)

  • Knowledge/Experience
  • Familiar with Orbit and/or Hartlink Online Portal (HOP).
  • Desirable

Business Cases

  • Experience of producing and reviewing Business Cases in collaboration with the Sponsor, Finance and the Project Manager.
  • Able to perform and understand cost benefit analysis, investments appraisals, cash flows, nett present value, impact and risk analyses and benefits realisation
  • Desirable

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