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Welcoming a new IIBA UK Chapter President

It is hard to believe that it is nearly six years since I was first elected to serve on the board of IIBA UK Chapter, and nearly four years since I was first elected as UK Chapter President.  So much has changed in that time, and it has been a pleasure to be part of an entirely voluntary team--across the board, branches and volunteer network--that has achieved so much.  In that time we've seen membership increase more than four-fold, we've lobbied government and as a team we have run hundreds of events.  We've collaborated with others to run the BA Conference Europe, showcasing the crucial nature of analysis.  We've helped IIBA collaborate with BCS, and we've helped elevate understanding of business analysis in organisations across the UK. I'm proud to have been a part of a UK-wide team that has won no fewer than six international awards, showing the UK BA community is ahead of the curve, and that the value of the work that you and I do on a daily basis is being recognised not just in our organisations, but also across the world.  And so much more besides....

When I was re-elected as President, I announced to the UK Board that I would serve in the role until the end of 2016.   So quickly that milestone has approached us, our transition plan is well underway.  It is with great pleasure I am writing to tell you that the UK Board has unanimously chosen its next president.

Many of you will know Andrew P Turner who is the current Communities Director for London.  Andrew has been a key member of the board for a number of years,  and knows the organisation extremely well.  Over the past few months, Andrew and I have spoken about the role and I am extremely pleased that he has been unanimously elected.  I have every confidence that under Andrew's leadership the organisation will go from strength to strength, and he will inject a new perspective that will drive the organisation to new heights. 

I am sure you will join me in congratulating Andrew, and I have no doubt you will hear more from him in the coming months!  Andrew will officially take over the role on the 1st January 2017.  He will continue to support the London Communities role also, pending a re-structure (and re-election) that will take place towards the middle of 2017.

However, I won't be disappearing from IIBA UK!  I am elected as a Director until May 2017, and will remain as a 'director without portfolio'  to ensure a smooth transition.  I may even stand for election again in May, in a different role, but time will tell!

To everyone who has been involved in IIBA UK, past and present, a heart-felt thank you.   

In today's uncertain and volatile world, organisations need business analysis more than they know.  And it is for us (all of us) to continue to raise the bar, elevate the profession, and to encourage people to think beyond the sickly-sweet 'binary solutions' that are often so appealing.   It is a profession of which I am proud to be a part.

Until next time,


Adrian Reed
President (Soon to be 'Immediate Past President'!)
IIBA UK Chapter

Message from the incoming President

Adrian Reed has certainly left his mark on the IIBA UK Chapter, building the team with his great leadership into a high performing unit that has achieved significant growth and delivered much benefit to the community that we all serve. My initial thoughts were that it would be tough to follow Adrian as President, but there are many advantages to stepping into the role when your predecessor has built such a good solid foundation.

I have been on the board of the IIBA UK Chapter for nearly 5 years, elected as the Community Director for London, and worked on a number of our strategic initiatives during that time. This has given me much insight into the capabilities of the organisation, the board, branches and volunteer network, and the support provided by our partners and the community who we seek to serve in growing our profession.

I appreciate how important the President role is, but equally understand how it is the team dynamic that makes the organisation successful. Business Analysts are renowned for their innovation, dynamism and breadth of knowledge. As a profession we are blessed with the skills needed to help each other. My intent is to continue to build upon the solid foundations that we now have, but also to enable those opportunities where we can break new ground, notably where it aligns to the interests and aspirations of our volunteers and members.

Adrian has instilled a culture where measurement against objectives is ingrained within the work of the board. His Presidential term will conclude with many significant achievements against those objectives. At the end of my term, my aim will be for IIBA UK to have grown and delivered even more, and for the organisational structure for long-term success to be further improved.

I look forward to the challenges ahead, to the opportunity to continue to work alongside a very talented team, and to achieving our objectives in a fun and supportive environment.

Yours sincerely


Andrew P Turner
IIBA UK Chapter