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IIBA UK is run by a group of volunteers from all over the UK. The board of directors, elected by our members, is responsible for setting the chapter's strategy and ensuring that it progresses and develops for the benefit of our members and the wider BA community.

The roles now open for election are:

Communities Director (London)
Role currently filled by Bindu Channaveerappa, who will be standing for re-election

Communities Director (Midlands)
Role currently filled by Pardeep Dhanda, who will be standing for re-election

Communities Director (North and Scotland)
Role currently filled by Liz Calder

Corporate Relationships Director
New role

Nick de Voil and I are currently joint presidents of IIBA UK until April 2020. It's our great pleasure to announce that when our term concludes, Liz Calder will take on the mantle of IIBA UK president. We will start the handover process in the new year, with Liz stepping into the president role on 20 April.

With this change, the role of Communities Director (North and Scotland), currently filled by Liz, will become vacant. We're advertising this exciting opportunity for election now. We've also made some changes to the board roles: with our continuous focus on providing regional and national events to the community, we're announcing a new role of Corporate Relationships Director.

Election process

We'll be writing to IIBA UK members soon with a polling e-mail. If you'd like to vote, you'll need to make sure your IIBA UK membership is up to date - if you need to check, please sign in to the website and check your profile. The ballot will be open for two weeks, after which we'll announce the results by email.

If you'd like to stand for election, please send the following information to president@iibauk.org by 28 November. Please note you must be both an international member of IIBA and a member of the UK Chapter to be eligible.

We'll then contact you to discuss your application.

What's involved in being a director

These are voluntary roles requiring a commitment of at least two days of effort each month. This effort is spread across the month, rather than being two individual days; typically our directors spend about four hours per week across evenings and weekends, which varies with workload. General requirements of being a director are:

Please see the end of this article for a link to a webinar where you can find out more.

Communities Director (North and Scotland)

The core purpose of this role is to maintain a successful community and encourage active participation from professional and committed volunteers. The Communities Director sets strategy for community activity including knowledge sharing and community events, working closely with the individual branch leads and volunteers. This includes planning, arranging, marketing and co-ordinating chapter events, and providing help sourcing speakers. At events, the Communities Director acts as “master of ceremonies”, providing a brief re-cap of the benefits of IIBA UK membership, and details of upcoming events and other key announcements at regional events. As with all directors, they participate in monthly IIBA UK board meetings and keep the board members informed and up to date on regional matters and other assignments given. A key focus of this role is to increase the amount of knowledge sharing, ensure all branches of the IIBA UK are able to benefit from the learning and knowledge of each other.

Due to the geographic responsibility of this role, the ideal candidate will be based in the north of England or in Scotland.

Corporate Relationships Director

This role is about creating and sustaining lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between IIBA UK and organisations operating in the UK. The focus of the role is to create opportunities for organisations to leverage the IIBA UK network of Business Analysts, for example by supporting or hosting regional events, supplying speakers or becoming IIBA UK Corporate Members. The Corporate Relationship Director is responsible for initiating and maintaining relationships with UK based organisations that are based on trust, respect, and a mutual appreciation of each other’s value as well as maintaining a shared repository of contacts/organisations to assist the IIBA UK Board, in particular the Communities Directors and President.

Further information and webinar

This is an excellent chance to make a difference to IIBA UK, and I do hope that you'll consider standing. Should you need to know more about the roles - or if you'd like an informal chat about standing - please don't hesitate to contact me and/or my co-president Nick de Voil. Emails to president@iibauk.org will reach both of us. Also, we'll be running a virtual event on Monday 18 November where you can learn more about being a director of IIBA UK.


Tina Schuster
President, IIBA UK
12 November 2019