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On 16th March 2021 IIBA announced the exciting news that from the 4th May 2021 Chapter and Global memberships will come together in the IIBA website to make it easier for all members to manage their membership in a single place. This will expand member access to content from all 120+ Chapters and the ability to connect and engage within the IIBA community while learning from experts from around the world.

This opens up a reduced membership fee for IIBA UK members who are also members of IIBA Global, and a single payment instead of two separate payments in different currencies.

For IIBA UK members who are not members of IIBA Global we are providing an annual pass that can be used to access any of the webinars and in-person events that IIBA UK provide, will provide discounted entry to our mentoring scheme, and a number of other benefits.

IIBA UK will continue to use our existing website and we are working closely with the IIBA IT team to bring together and harmonise the memberships. It will take some time before harmonisation is complete so, in order to keep your membership experience as seamless as possible any IIBA UK members whose membership expires between now and 4th May will have their membership period extended up to 4th May.

Depending on your current membership status, the transition period will be slightly different. The sections below describe the impact of Membership Harmonisation for your specific circumstance.

IIBA UK member: YES                 IIBA Global member: YES

Your IIBA UK membership will become aligned to your IIBA Global membership. In future, your annual fee will be payable to IIBA Global, and this will cover both your international and your UK membership. The annual fee will be lower than the current fee for purchasing memberships separately.

We will ensure that your IIBA UK membership will remain valid throughout the transition period. So we are extending memberships for those whose expiry is before 4th May. Beyond 4th May, when your current IIBA UK membership expires you will automatically have IIBA UK membership through having IIBA Global membership, as long as your default profile address is recorded as a UK address by IIBA Global.

IIBA UK member: YES                IIBA Global member: NO

Your IIBA UK membership will expire at the end of the current membership period. If that period ends before the 4th May, you will be given the extension up to 4th May.

When your membership expires you can then choose how you want to stay engaged with the UK community. You can:

IIBA UK member: NO                 IIBA Global member: YES

At the next renewal of your IIBA Global membership, or from 4th May if your renewal is sooner, you will automatically receive IIBA UK membership as part of your international membership. You need to ensure that the default address on your profile within the IIBA Global website is a UK address.

You can view the full range of benefits that IIBA UK membership provides at https://www.iibauk.org/benefits

IIBA UK member: NO                 IIBA Global member: No

If you are not currently a member of either IIBA UK or IIBA Global, you will be able to continue to have access to IIBA UK events and other offerings on the existing pay-as-you-go basis.

Alternatively, join IIBA Global and receive the full benefits of the international organisation, automatically receive IIBA UK membership and the many benefits we provide or  purchase an annual pass to access IIBA UK events, all our event recordings and local networking. The annual pass will be available to purchase from 20th March.


If you should have any questions relating to IIBA Harmonisation and the impact to your IIBA UK membership, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


Corporate Members

Corporate members will continue to have full IIBA UK membership during their current membership period. At the end of the membership period we will provide an option to continue the relationship in a way that benefits the corporation and the individuals within that corporate membership scheme.

As with individual IIBA UK members, corporate members will have their membership extended to 4th May, if it should expire beforehand.

For Corporate Member enquiries, whether as an existing Corporate Member or new, please contact Sam Merrick, IIBA UK Corporate Relationships Director.