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IIBA Membership Harmonisation is now live. For one single payment, you will have membership of both IIBA and IIBA UK. Gone are the days when you need to purchase each separately.

Existing IIBA UK members: you should see no difference until your membership expires. You will continue to enjoy all the benefits of access to all our events and our library of recordings. When your current IIBA UK membership expires you have 3 options:

  • purchase IIBA membership (if not already a member) on the IIBA website receive the full benefits of the international organisation, and automatically receive IIBA UK membership and the many benefits we provide.
  • purchase an annual pass to IIBA UK events, all our event recordings and local networking.
  • pay for IIBA UK events, mentoring and other offerings on an event-by-event basis.

IIBA UK systems are being connected to IIBA Global systems. After this connection as an IIBA Global member who lives in the UK, or have chosen IIBA UK as your Chapter, you will be recognised by our systems. If you were not previously an IIBA UK member you will be contacted to setup your profile on our website. After this you can book onto events and enjoy the full range of benefits.

Later this year, members of any IIBA Chapter will be able to attend IIBA UK events for no extra charge, however we need a change to IIBA Global systems before this is possible.