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Past events

When Title Where Venue
16 Nov 2017 Six Spice Edinburgh Standard Life House
8 Nov 2017 'Business Leaders Know us and Trust Us' and 'Why effective collaboration and healthy conflict leads to successful design' Bournemouth Vitality
2 Nov 2017 Taming Fantastic Beasts... & Virtual Leadership Coventry Coventry Building Society
19 Oct 2017 'Rise of DevOps – Should Business Analysts be worried?' and 'Systems Thinking: A Crucial BA Skill in an Uncertain World' Fareham Zurich Whiteley
19 Oct 2017 Are you thinking what you think you're thinking? Edinburgh CodeClan
12 Oct 2017 ‘Agile and Business Analysis - making projects work’ and ‘The Business Analysis career' Newcastle upon Tyne NCFE Newcastle
4 Oct 2017 Analysis in Action Session Southampton Explorer House
25 Sep 2017 BA Conference Europe 2017 London Central Hall Westminster
6 Sep 2017 'Building Successful Stakeholder Relationships' and 'Neurodiversity and Business Analysis' Northampton Nationwide Building Society
24 Aug 2017 It’s All About Relationships Glasgow Hudson Glasgow
29 Jun 2017 ‘Stakeholder Management using NLP’ and ‘Open Space collaboration’ Birmingham National Grid
29 Jun 2017 Agile and Business Analysis Leeds YBS Broad Gate
14 Jun 2017 What is cyber security to the BA? Edinburgh FanDuel
23 May 2017 How to Create Game Changing Teams Virtual event
18 May 2017 Modelling and the Art of Improv Edinburgh Hudson Edinburgh
11 May 2017 "Is Your Community Of Practice Really A Community?" and "Building 'Brand Me' - Making Effective Career Choices " Fareham Zurich Whiteley
27 Apr 2017 Bringing order from chaos (and how to not cause a national electricity blackout) Wokingham National Grid
27 Apr 2017 Leading Analysis “The Waterhole” – a fable Birmingham Eversheds Sutherland
27 Apr 2017 Agile and Business Analysis - Debra Paul Glasgow Morgan Stanley - Glasgow
30 Mar 2017 The BA in a disruptive world Salford ITV
16 Mar 2017 Agile Product Owner & Virtual Leadership Birmingham HSBC
16 Mar 2017 Horses for courses Edinburgh Hudson Edinburgh
16 Mar 2017 Journey to the centre of a thriving BA practice, Requirements management - pain or pleasure?, Distributed Agile Southampton Explorer House
16 Feb 2017 Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is no longer the problem Edinburgh Registers of Scotland
8 Dec 2016 Communities of Practice London Credit Suisse Canary Wharf
28 Nov 2016 Creative Problem Solving - Blue-Sky Thinking London All Bar One - Houndsditch
24 Nov 2016 Adapting Agile in Large Organisations & Panel Discussion Wokingham National Grid
24 Nov 2016 What value does Business Analysis bring Ipswich University of Suffolk
24 Nov 2016 Business Analysis - Could it be Magic? Leeds
24 Nov 2016 "The Anatomy of a BA" and "The Power of Story" Bristol Lloyds Banking Group Bristol
17 Nov 2016 The Twin Sisters of Doom Edinburgh Harvey Nash Edinburgh
17 Nov 2016 Creative Problem Solving - Side Projects London All Bar One - Houndsditch
10 Nov 2016 Creative Problem Solving - Machine Learning London All Bar One - Houndsditch
3 Nov 2016 "Our Agile journey so far…" and "Surely 'coaching' is just a passing fad?" Fareham Zurich Whiteley
28 Oct 2016 The criticality of the Strategic Business Analysis and Transition Phases with Cecily Macdougall Virtual event
25 Oct 2016 The Agile Business Analyst and Lean Virtual event
19 Oct 2016 BA Practice, Best Practice Ipswich University of Suffolk
13 Oct 2016 “Recruiting for Potential” and "Using Capabilities to Deliver Organisational Agility" Swindon Nationwide House Swindon
13 Oct 2016 The BA Career & Getting started as a B.A. Edinburgh
19 Sep 2016 BA Conference Europe 2016 London Victoria Park Plaza
15 Sep 2016 What do our IT colleagues expect of us? Edinburgh Hudson Edinburgh
6 Sep 2016 The BA Career & Panel discussion Birmingham HSBC
22 Aug 2016 Are You THINKING About Process Improvement? The Key Thinking Mistakes That Prevent Organisation Improvement Virtual event
27 Jul 2016 Digital Entrepreneurs and Creative Thinkers: Inspire Me I’m a BA Birmingham Deutsche Bank
29 Jun 2016 The Agile BA Bradford Yorkshire Water
2 Jun 2016 The Entrepreneurial BA with Richard Larson Virtual event
2 Jun 2016 Balance in Business Analysis Edinburgh Standard Life
1 Jun 2016 IIBA UK Annual General Meeting 2016 (Members Only) Virtual event
18 May 2016 UX isn't here to steal your toys Edinburgh Hudson Edinburgh
18 May 2016 BA: The missing link between strategy and execution? With Filip Hendrickx Virtual event
17 May 2016 A Career Less Ordinary Sheffield Sheffield Hallam University
5 May 2016 The Modern Day BA + Cloud COTS selection London Metadata Training
3 May 2016 Accelerating Agile by Adding Business Analysis Virtual event
17 Mar 2016 IIBA Scotland Branch - The BA Recruitment Marketplace Edinburgh Hudson Edinburgh
10 Mar 2016 "Untangling Stories", "UX? No thanks it just costs more money" and "Using Model Driven Analysis (MDA)" Southampton Explorer House
8 Mar 2016 The Essentials of Business Architecture London Central Foundation Boys' School
3 Mar 2016 The Agile BA: Must, Should or Could? Manchester CIS Tower
4 Feb 2016 IIBA UK Social Event in Cardiff, 4th February Cardiff Kiwis Cardiff
1 Feb 2016 The Martial Arts of Change - Unlocking Your Inner Ninja Virtual event
26 Jan 2016 Requirements in the Agile World with James Robertson Virtual event
28 Mar 2012 Tackling the BA Certification Challenge Virtual event