Date: 23 May 2017

The pace of change within the business world is increasing on a daily basis. In today's post-Brexit environment, a failure to innovate and continuously improve will rapidly lead to extinction. Those organisations who can rapidly develop game-changing teams are the ones who will not only survive, but prosper in the future.

But how do you develop a game-changing team quickly?

Well, imagine what could happen if you were able to identify and boost the unique impact of the people you work with, allowing each individual to play to their strengths and creating cohesive, game-changing teams in the process.

This webinar will introduce you to some ground-breaking research which has identified the key characteristics of game-changing individuals and the five fundamental impacts that individuals can make within a team.

During the webinar we will reveal the formula for a game-changing team as well as giving you some practical tips on how you can both identify and create such a team. We will cover: 

  • The definition of a game-changing team
  • The individual impacts that are the essential make-up of a game-changing team
  • How to increase the impact of every individual in a team
  • How you can personally create game-changing transformation through the development of teams by following a simple model

We will also be showing you how you can discover and maximise your own personal impact.

All delegates attending the webinar will be able to receive a free copy of the 'DNA of a Game-Changing Team' research report.

John Hackett is Managing Director and Founder of Franklin-Hackett Ltd.

He is passionate about delivering change in organisations that is not simply about improving the bottom line, but also about helping individuals to grow and develop for a more productive and happier working life.

He has over 10 years experience in management roles delivering change in processes, business systems and people. As well as managing two frontline Contact Centres, he has worked as a business analyst, run key corporate projects and delivered radical redesigns of business services.

His work is based around understanding of the interplay between individual skills and behaviour, their contribution to team dynamics and their effect on the way work is designed and delivered.

He is dedicated to helping organisations to develop their people into game-changing teams and is in demand as a public speaker.


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