Date: 4 Dec 2018
Where: Birmingham

In this talk, John will share several stories of people gently nudging the organisation they worked within to help it realise greater agility. On the surface, the actions described in these stories are seemingly small. However, it is John’s belief that when looked at as an aggregate, these seemingly small nudges make up a bigger story of facilitating large scale organisational change.

John will share some of the challenges that he perceives many people face within an organisation that is trying to become “more agile”. His hope is that examining some of these challenges may offer insight into why organisational transformations are often experienced as personally destabilising or can feel like one’s sense of self-identity is being attacked. 

Lastly, John would like to discuss several techniques for making assumptions and uncertainty more explicit. We’ll use the second half of the evening to delve more deeply into these techniques. John believes that some of the most beneficial influences or “nudges” people can offer their organisation are those that help bring uncertainty, complexity and assumptions more into the public forum.

Speaker Bio


John Young is a team and executive coach. Through his practice RedElephant, he helps organisations and people in leadership roles transition into the effective use of Agile and Lean Startup principles and practices. John also works with early stage entrepreneurs. 

John has been involved in Agile projects since 2001. He has worked in all phases of the software delivery lifecycle. He facilitated a Lean Agile transformation on a large regulatory programme at Deutsche Bank. He is currently the Agile Lead in HSBC’s UK Retail Bank and Wealth Management Transformation group. John is a member of Investec’s executive coaching panel.

John leads workshops on leadership, coaching and facilitating organisational change. He has presented at Agile Cambridge, Lean Agile Scotland, Agile in the City and Agile Manchester. He has had several articles on leadership, strategy and Agile delivery published in INSEAD Knowledge, as well as INCOSE Insight magazine. 

John is a graduate with distinction of INSEAD’s Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC). EMCCC is an organisational psychology programme that focuses on leadership development, executive coaching and facilitating organisational change. 


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