Date: 22 Feb 2021

The latest in the IIBA UK series framed by the three Laws of Engagement© to flip top-down, vague narrative and %'s into bottom-up, practical steps with empirical data. Goggles on and strap yourself in Martin Johnson will take us on a deep-dive of a further two of the twelve Practices of Engagement©, voted in the last session, for you to practically improve your Engagement Coefficient (Ɛ), Collaboration Velocity (Cv) and Productivity (ρ) featuring in the three Laws respectively:

'UP A LEVEL' Something's not quite right. However many times you go over the task in your head you’re feeling uncomfortable about getting on and proposing the next steps with your team. You seem to be going a couple of steps back and sidewards each time. You're beginning to doubt how you will be able to contribute to making the business more successful. Spending a little time to stand back and think more broadly will provide you with have a much richer understanding of what you're doing in relation to the business and your chances of success are increased.

'TURNING THE TABLES' Communicating a key message in an organisation without due care and attention, is likely to result in a top-down broadcast of information. In engagement terms this might seem unavoidable in the time you have but for teams to work together effectively by experiencing together it is necessary to put essential building blocks in place to improve the way the message is shared. Nothing happens by magic and given that expectations might be low based on past experiences we’re seeking to create the conditions that help people join their own dots. This starts with a shift in mindset.

Your take-away will be a series of new ideas, connections and references to progress your personal development against IIBA and CIPD competency frameworks. All delivered at tempo with activities to maximise interaction, increase engagement and independent thinking. Some fun too!

Mart @YourBigPic is passionate about colleagues being a voice in the organisation. So much so that he has developed a product to do just that, BIG PICTURE©, to help colleagues join their dots at work. Martin specialises in providing a simple and reasonable framework that pretty much anyone in your organisation can get involved with. When it comes to Change, Performance, Learning and Onboarding let's put the colleague at the centre. For the top of the shop why not implement successful Strategy and Finance with the same engaging approach for bottom-line impacts and a clear ROI.

As an attendee of the event you will receive an invite to become a Fellow of the Laws of Engagement© (LinkedIn Group). This is a fabulous once in a lifetime chance to become a contributor to the book containing the Laws and Practices of Engagement©.

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