Date: 3 Mar 2021

“But how exactly?”

Good question. Our methodologies are excellent at telling us where to put our attention and what to do once it is there, but they often do not tell us how. Asking great questions is one of the most useful arrows in a change practitioners’ quiver – the better the questions, the better the answers and the best answers come from within.
Clean Language is one way of doing that. By tapping into how humans are hard-wired to make sense of the world in metaphor, it is a practical way of asking exquisitely precise and developing questions to explore experiences and perspectives. In change work this can be for anything from unearthing a persons’ lack of desire to engage, having a difficult conversation, developing new habits that may be needed, through to defining a change and modelling it systemically and with a wide perspective. 

In this session the audience will benefit from the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn what Clean Language is and why metaphors are so important to how we make sense of the world
  • Experience how quickly we make metaphoric meaning from nothing and learn how to spot hidden metaphors in other people’s language
  • Be introduced to the basic clean language questions and have an opportunity to practice them
  • Leave with a model they can apply immediately to take people from a stuck, problem space and into a positive, desired outcome world.


A professional coach and facilitator of change, Will Izzard is Head of Profession for Change Management at CMC Partnership, with over 25 years’ experience in projects and change in business. He is an Experienced Prosci® Practitioner, Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Certified Symbolic Modeller (therapeutic metaphor work). He is interested in the blend of change facilitation (directing attention on what to do) with interpersonal skills (how to actually do it). He believes that lasting change is brought about by small interventions that build the confidence and skills of others so that they achieve more and experience a deep level of learning.  His latest development areas include helping clients construct metaphors from personal outcomes to visions and change initiatives, and exploring the neuroscience of change.  Will thrives on applying novel ideas for an organic and developmental approach to change – building on what works to create something new. 


Some feedback from previous Clean Language sessions:
“Great session giving genuinely new and novel learning that I had never seen before and really valued. I can see how I can use this within my coaching and mentoring business. Left me wanting to learn more and research more.”

“Well structured, very clean scope - allowed for an in-depth understanding in a short period of time.”

“Completely fascinating. I have never come across this before and I'm very interested to find out more and will follow up on the links, as I can see how this can be helpful in many areas of work for me (I'm a business analyst).”

“I thought this was a very clear and interesting exposition of clean language, showing how the therapeutic approach can be adapted for business change.”



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