Date: 9 Mar 2021

What is coaching? How can coaching help me? These are the questions to be explored in this session. By utilising a generalised case study, Susan Graves will take you through some examples of what you could expect from working with a coach, exploring some of the tools and techniques employed to help you help yourself and reach your goals more quickly than if you go it alone.

The session will explore a typical coaching engagement, where “Freda”, our experienced BA, seeks the support of a coach to help her get her next role. The approach and techniques discussed in this session would be equally applicable for any role, not just the BA role, and are aiming to give you a flavour of what you could expect should you decide to work with a coach 


Susan Graves is a Career Confidence Coach, helping helping people improve their confidence and grow their career to the next stage. She spent 25 years working in IT and change for a major Utility company, during which time she managed, coached and mentored numerous Change professionals. After achieving a coaching diploma she now runs her own coaching business. LinkedIn




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