Date: 23 Mar 2021

An opportunity to take time for yourself. Recent experiences will have been affecting your levels of Resilience in ways you may not understand; it is even more important than ever to clarify what Resilience is and isn't and how you build and maintain your levels. This session will outline the various dimensions of Resilience with The Resilience Wheel and give you a suite of options, choices, tips and tools that you can utilise, for the rest of your life. Resilience is about how much you are affected by life’s events and then recover from challenging situations, it is all about reflecting, learning and making decisions about the life you want to lead.


Russell Harvey is The Resilience Coach. He has had a 20+ year career in Learning, Leadership and Organisational Development and has specialised around Resilience and VUCA for the past 10 years. One of the dimensions of Resilience is “Purpose” and Russell’s is “to positively affect 100 000 people by the year 2025.” Ask him how many he’s up to when you meet! He has had permanent roles in the Public, Private and Mutual Sectors, across a broad spectrum of industries and describes himself as a Facilitator and Coach. He supports leaders who feel like they are wading through treacle to rediscover their mojo. He aims to clarify what Resilience is and isn’t and will specify what he means by Spring Forward, instead of bounce back….



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