Date: 27 Apr 2021

Whilst over the years, Skipton Building Society has demonstrated adaptability in the change function, the last 15 months or so have seen a move to the Agile world, both within the change and development teams and more recently, within the wider business areas, who are being encouraged to learn about Agile.

The Business Analyst team has played a large part in this transformation.

Chris Wilson, a BA for many years, has worked at the Skipton since 2019 and brought with him a wealth of knowledge of Agile in the Financial Services sector. Together with his BA colleagues he will demonstrate some of the learnings that have been encountered in our journey. He has taken on the temporary role of Product Owner in the new General Change Hub, and, together with his colleagues, has been responsible for making the switch to Agile ways of working. Chris started his position at SBS working predominantly on standard waterfall projects and supported the creation of the new Hubs.

Sarah Mason, Sam Binns & Jack Hainsworth are BA colleagues of Chris, all of whom have transitioned from the standard waterfall world to the new Agile methodology. 

Delegates will receive the following:

  • Information about:
    • The journey that SBS took and the reasons why. Which could be applied if other organisations are embarking on this journey
    • How the teams are structured and operate at SBS
    • Key tips on what to look and watch out for from the perspective of a BA when starting to work in agile
  • Gain a wider appreciation of the team dynamics at play when working in scrum
  • The opportunity to delve a little deeper into the experiences of each speaker through a Q&A.




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