Date: 10 Jun 2021

SBA: The ‘S’ is for Shapeshifter

‘Senior’ suggests wise, tenured, experienced.  Not words Gillian Rae would have used to describe herself when she first became an SBA 10 years ago.  Instead, she was a shapeshifter and unwittingly remained so before realising this is a secret tool for all analysts.  In this workshop, Gillian shares how she changed shape to obtain her SBA role: from joining Yell as the ‘post girl’ to leaving as an SBA and then moving to Sky to lead other analysts.  She will share stories and experiences…and mistakes to learn from!  If you are wondering whether you should or could become a Senior or Lead Business Analyst then come to this session where you will learn:

-          about the Senior Business Analyst role

-          how to progress from BA to SBA

-         what ‘shapes’ are required to become an SBA and how to develop these within your current role

This session combines the story of Gillian's career path to Senior Business Analyst and practical guidance on how attendees can develop within their current role to become an SBA.

Note - this is the same presentation that Gillian gave at the Business Analysis Conference Europe in 2020


Gillian Rae is a Senior Business Analyst at Sky where she leads analysis on programmes introducing new products and services to TV, Broadband, Phone and Mobile customers.  With over 10 years of experience, she works in all areas of the project lifecycle, from project initiation through to implementation.  She is passionate about coaching and training others in business analysis and learning from the many people she works with.




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