Date: 28 Sep 2021

During this session we'll introduce the idea of the Brown Contract brought to our attention in our last session by Emma.

The brown contract is a way for us to agree what we must NOT fall foul of as a team. It can be used as well as the positive messaging; as a team we might setup a charter that says 'be caring' and 'proactive'. The brown contract might say 'do not lie' or 'do not speak unwell of people'. Think of it as a way of avoiding the proverbial 'sh*t hitting the fan'

In this session we'll consider the use of it as part of, instead of or in parallel to the team charter. We'll also look at what you might include in your Brown contract.

As part of this session Martin Simmons and Stu Mullinger will be facilitating you through a series of online whiteboarding exercises bringing your insight, experience and challenges to the fore. Whether you're happy to engage or wish to sit back and listen you'll leave with top tips from the community for handling the pace of your change.


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