Date: 25 Nov 2021

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind"

How to be an artful wordsmith ...and why only a foolish BA would ignore such knowledge!

The opening phrase of the title is a quote from Kipling, who certainly knew a thing or two when it came to 'exceedingly good' ...words.

And just like a great author, with the flick of a pen, stroke of a keyboard or parting of lips, your choice of words makes all the difference to your success as a BA. Choose wisely and they will evoke more than just understanding, they will transform you, the BA, into a person of influence and authority. Choose unwisely and the ground beneath your feet will quake and fall, swallowing you whole!

Okay, that last comment may not be true (though at times I know many feel that way!) - whatever the case there is no denying that words are central to the work of any BA.

Not a day passes where you do not employ them to achieve your aims. Whether at a team stand-up, during an email exchange or when drawing out those important requirements from a stakeholder, your words make a difference.


  • Are they working for or against you?
  • Do your words captivate and enthral?
  • Or, as championed in many notable UX/content books, do your words focus on clarity and simplicity?
  • And is that always the right thing to do?

As you will discover on the 25th November 2021, "rules have their place and so too do the rule breakers".

So, who better to break the rules than our speaker, business trainer, author, and Kipling fan (you can decide if that means words or cakes!), Michael Christon …who will take you on another entertaining journey through the lavish land of language, wandering and wondering about the wonder of words and their place in the BA arena.

Having presented many times for IIBA Scotland, the very entertaining and knowledgeable Michael Christon has been invited back once again to close our year with a bang!

His keynote at this year’s BALIFE conference was described as “brilliant”, “funny and informative” and “inspirational” – and we’re sure the 25th November will follow suit. With over 20 years of experience, training thousands of businesspeople from financial institutions to large multinationals to offices of Government, Michael is back by popular demand with yet another unique and head-spinning perspective on business and life.



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