Date: 23 Feb 2022


Have you ever wondered how you go about building your own business analysis function but didn’t really know where to start?  How you design and deliver and grow your BA community of practice so business analysts from Junior BA to Lead BA all make a valuable contribution to business objectives?

Come and join Business Analysts from Registers of Scotland’s Community of Practice to hear how they’ve built their community and scaled it with control. 

In this immersive talk Junior BAs, Senior BAs and the Lead BA at RoS will share stories and insights from their journey, and talk about how they are building a more permanent capability within the practice.  They’ll focus on some key foundational pillars –

  • Collaboration and partnership working
  • Delivering digital, customer and business missions
  • Community learning and development
  • Key frameworks and design

They’ll talk about building a sustainable, long-lasting BA framework so you too can build your own community; scale it with control; and design and deliver.

About the BA Community of Practice at RoS

The BA Community of Practice (COP) at ROS has been up and running for about six years. Having started out with five members, the community now has 17 members and is made up of business analysts of all levels from junior to senior and lead analysts.  The BA community within RoS have been instrumental in helping ROS win a major industry award in 2020 (during lockdown).  The community is a diverse group of people with skills, knowledge and experience covering all aspects of business analysis and service design.

The COP comes together formally as a group once a week for various discussions with conversations often continuing amongst members between these meetings.  Despite working on different missions and projects, the community has come to rely on each other for support and help during the working week. 



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