Date: 20 Oct 2022
Where: Leeds

"How can a Business Analyst use the BAD Toolkit to drive impact in an organisation?”

The conventional wisdom is that, in an increasingly Agile world, the role of the Business Analyst is evolving into the role of a Product Owner. But it might be that the clue is in the phrase, and that the business of understanding what is required to help an organisation change from ‘state A’ to ‘state B’ will always require analysis skills, regardless of the job title.
There are many Agile frameworks, many tools and techniques within them, and many different organisational challenges with Agile adoption. So how might a BA play a role in tackling that?
This is the story of one such BA’s experiences with the BAD Toolkit – an open source, evolving, modular set of Agile methods, tools and techniques bound together into a clear narrative describing how an Agile product setup can work, from end-to-end. There are many different applications of the tools, and many situations that a BA might find themselves in where the tools will help, but knowing where they fit into the story is everything.
It’s about introducing a different mindset, and linking it up with things that are already happening.
This talk will be of interest to anyone who feels they’ve never seen Agile done quite right in their organisation, anyone who would benefit from a narrative of how Agile should work ideally, and any BAs keen to know how they can get on the front foot in a product environment.
18:00 : Pre-event networking and refreshments
18:30 : Introductions and Presentation
19:30 : Q&As 
19:50 : Post-event networking
20:30 : Close
Tim Hedger is a business change professional with a broad variety of a business analysis experience drawn from very different industries: mobile telecommunications, local government, retail, logistics and online betting. Within those industries he's held business analysis roles that operate from within IT, Customer Services, Business Change, Technology Services, Corporate Services, Finance and even Internal Audit departments.From operating model development, end-to-end service reviews and business process reengineering at one one end, to requirements engineering, functional design and product ownership at the other, Tim's experience covers a broad scope of interpretations of what business analysis was, is and can be in different organisational contexts. He is currently Principal Consultant at Burendo; the first role he's had in 23 years that doesn't have 'business analyst' mentioned explicitly in his job title!
Tim will be joined by his colleague and Burendo and BAD Toolkit Co-Founder, Austen Bell.
Note - 10 Wellington Place is located beside Tower Square. On arrival, use the lift to the 3rd floor, and Burendo’s entrance is on the right-hand side. 
Nearest car parks:
• NCP Car Park (LS1 4AJ)
• Whitehall Road Car Park (LS1 4BN)


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