Date: 2 Sep 2022

This week we'll be talking about the various tools and techniques we use in our business analysis work. 

Do you have a particular technique you always turn to? What always delivers results? How do you decide what to use in a business scenario? Is there a tool you learned early in your career that you've yet to find a good use for? What do you share with stakeholders, and what do you use "behind the scenes"? Where do you seek out the latest discoveries and recommendations?

If you've got experiences to share, want some advice from your peers, or just want to connect with other business analysis professionals in your lunchbreak, why not come along and join the chat?

The Brown Bag will be open from 1pm until 2pm UK time, but you can drop in and out when you want. Visitors from other IIBA chapters are very welcome, as are non-members. The 'Drop In' button will appear on this page at the start of the session, so just return to this page and click on the button to join the session - no need to book in advance!

You can add thoughts using the Comments section below if you've got any ideas about how the Brown Bag should work, future subjects you'd like to talk about - or if you'd just like to tell people you'll be coming.










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