Date: 19 Jan 2023

Join Claire Riley and Dušan Andić (Enterprise Business Designers at VWFS UK) to hear how VWFS UK have used the concept of Design Thinking to keep their customers at the heart of everything we do.

Following a successful pilot in early 2022 exploring the opportunity of how to make the End of Contract process better and reduce friction to our customers, the presentation will share a high-level view of what design thinking is, the pilot project and why design thinking is important for both our business analysis skill set and for our business in considering our customers more. We will share details of our training and development approach and how we work across the enterprise to embed design thinking into our business culture.


Claire Riley and Dušan Andić are Enterprise Business Designers at Volkswagen Financial Services UK who have been working across the enterprise to bring to life design thinking.

They have over two decades of experience between them as change professionals within the Financial Services sector. They are passionate about making things easier and more innovative for customers, fanatical about creating vibrant and energetic teams to deliver truly creative analysis solutions, and first and foremost, using a positive attitude to encourage others to work hard, have fun and grow into the best version of themselves.



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