Date: 1 Dec 2022

"As an attendee of IIBA UK's awesome Brown Bag sessions, I want to discuss using user stories with my peers so that I can find ways of defining and managing requirements more effectively".

As a format for capturing requirements, user stories have become an essential part of the business analysis toolkit, and organisations that have adopted Agile approaches to product development will typically have processes and tools built around their use.

This week, we'll be sharing our experiences of using the user story format, discussing what works well and what challenges crop up, and thinking about ways of using user stories more effectively. So if you're new to using user stories, want to talk about techniques such as User Story Mapping, want to share your Jira woes, or need advice about acceptance criteria, then come along and join the discussion!

The Brown Bag will be open from 13:00 until 14:00 UK time, but you can drop in and out when you want. Visitors from other IIBA chapters are very welcome, as are non-members. The 'Drop In' button will appear on this page at the start of the session, so just return to this page and click on the button to join the session - you don't need to book in advance!

You can add thoughts using the Comments section below if you've got any ideas about how the Brown Bag should work, future subjects you'd like to talk about - or if you'd just like to tell people you'll be coming.










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