Date: 20 Dec 2022

In our final Brown Bag session of the year, we'll be looking back at 2022 and sharing our highlights, landmarks, and achievements.

Have you learned new skills or techniques, or gained a new qualification? What new challenges did you face in your work as a BA? What events did you most enjoy, and what made them special? Have you made new connections in the BA community that have helped or inspired you? Has your career taken a surprising new turn or finally taken off? Perhaps a certain regular online drop-in session and its crowd of colourful characters has become the highight of every week?

Come along and share your experiences with your fellow business analysis professionals.

Oh, and festive hats and joyful jumpers will be very well received!

This session will open at 11:30am, and there's no need to book in advance! The 'Drop In' button will appear on this page at the start of the session, so just return to this page and click on the button to join the session.











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