Date: 26 Jan 2023
Where: London

The 4 dimensions of Business Agility: powerful insights for a digital future

With the market and technology changing at increasing speed, more and more organisations are failing to keep up with the pace required to succeed. Organisations that can’t or won’t adapt to the rapid changes in the world they operate in will struggle to survive and may lose their customer base. Business agility is essential for organisations to continually review their products and services and maintain and grow customer loyalty. Becoming an agile organisation is not a one-off transformational activity, but a continuous journey of improvement involving all aspects of the organisation and its culture.

So how do organisations move towards a culture of business agility?

This session will explain four dimensions to consider to achieve business agility, identifying organisational debts that will spawn if organisational agility is not considered, It will also address the challenges this poses to BAs as they strive to overcome the organisational debt to help their organisation thrive in the digital era.

Lynda Girvan has over 25 years’ experience in business and systems development and transformational change. Lynda has extensive experience of adding value to organisations, from coaching agile development teams through to advising and coaching on Board-level change programmes. Lynda’s particular strength is applying her knowledge of change, business analysis and agile to help organisations overcome challenging business problems, such as agile transformation and organisational agility. Lynda is CMC Partnership Consultancy’s Head of Agile and Business Analysis, an Agile Coach with the Scrum Alliance, a Fellow of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and a Prosci® Change Practitioner. Lynda is co-author of the BCS books, ‘Agile from first principles’ (2022) and ‘Agile and Business Analysis’(2017) and experienced speaker and key note speaker on these subjects at European and international conferences. 

Goldilocks and the 3 BAs

  • Once upon a time, there were three BAs. They all worked hard and they all wanted their analysis to be “just right”, but what does that actually mean?
  • In this session we will look at the characteristics and pitfalls of over-analysis and under-analysis, and how we can make sure our business analysis effort and outputs are just-enough and just-in-time.
Christina Lovelock is a qualified coach and the co-author of the BCS book Delivering Business Analysis: The BA Service Handbook.She is active in the BA professional community, attending and regularly speaking at events in the Yorkshire region as well as national and international conferences. She has contributed to digital transformation and continuous improvement in several public sector organisations at a local and national level, building practices of 5 to 120 Business Analysts. She is committed to the development of the BA profession, has introduced entry level roles into her organisations and led the development of the UK National BA Apprenticeship standard. She holds the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis and is a director of the national BA Manager Forum. Having recently completed a Masters in Senior Leadership, she now provides independent services including consultancy, coaching and content creation.
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