Date: 13 Mar 2023

BPMN (or 'Business Process Model and Notation', to give it its full name) is often cited by its advocates as the de facto standard for process modelling - but what exactly is it, and why do some business analysts rave about it? What can it do for me? Is it a silver bullet?

In this session, Stu Mullinger will explain why he's such a fan of the BPMN modelling language and how it helps him in his business analysis work. Stu will explore:

  • What BPMN is, and where it comes from
  • Why the standard is so powerful for modelling business processes
  • How BPMN models support requirements definition and process improvement initiatives
  • Key considerations when using BPMN
  • When you might want to use a different approach or format
  • Where to go to find out more

He'll share his experiences and take your questions about the BPMN standard and using it in practice.



Stu Mullinger is a business analysis consultant in Bristol, and founder of Better Business Analysis. He's been a BA for nearly 20 years, working predominantly in the Legal sector. He specialises in aligning business operations with strategic goals and shaping programmes of change, and is also something of a process modelling nerd. 

Stu is also IIBA UK's Communities Director for Wales, the South West, and the Midlands, leading a fantastic team of fellow volunteers to promote the profession, run events, and help BAs develop their skills and connect with their community. He runs our regular Brown Bag drop-in sessions where he gently shepherds the discussion each week.

In his spare time, Stu dabbles in computer game design, plays the piano with more enthusiasm than talent, and loves to travel.



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