Date: 25 May 2023
Where: Edinburgh

Translating (the CIPD behaviors of) 'Valuing People' and 'Working inclusively' to a whole new level of mastery! You will be equipped with a straightforward tool to replace generic percentages and soundbites with a surefire formula to make the best use of time working with others whether that is in meetings, workshops, or 1-to-1's.

If motion and gravity can have their Laws, then why not engagement? In this original work, Martin will provide you with the means to calculate, the rationale, and a signpost to the Practices to improve your Engagement, Collaboration, and Outcomes in any conversation you and your colleagues are a part of.

As an attendee you will leave with a practical understanding of the Laws and how and when to use them: An 'engagement indicator', Collaboration Velocity (Cv), and Productivity measure that we will have calculated together using an example you have chosen to use.

You will have access to a series of Practices that we will touch upon in the session and you can refer to afterwards. Take away a series of new ideas, connections, and references to progress your personal development against IIBA and CIPD competency frameworks. All delivered at tempo with activities to maximise interaction and independent thinking. Aiming for some fun too!

Speaker Bio

Mart @YourBigPic is passionate about colleagues being a voice in the organisation. 

So much so that he has developed a collaboration tool to do just that, BIG PICTURE®, to help colleagues join their dots at work. Martin specialises in providing a simple and reasonable framework that pretty much anyone in your organisation can get involved with. When it comes resolving the really hard stuff that organisations face he has developed an approach that combines Strategy, Change, Performance, Teamwork, Learning, and Performance. @YourBigPic we put the colleague at the centre to resolve what we call 'Wicked Challenges'.

As an attendee of the event you will receive an invite to become a Fellow of the Laws of Engagement (LinkedIn Group). This is a fabulous opportunity to become a contributor to the book containing the Laws and Practices of Engagement.


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