Date: 27 Apr 2023

I am Penny Pullan. My bags were packed. I had my tickets. I was ready to go. I was off to New York for two weeks to kick off the very first global programme of my life. Members of this brand-new team were going to spend two weeks getting to know each other and setting everything up. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, the date on my ticket was 13th September 2001. Two days before that, the 9/11 tragedy happened. Of course, after that, none of us could travel. In fact, we were grounded for three months! The programme had to go ahead virtually. Since then, I’ve worked virtually and in hybrid teams and helped others do so.

My latest book Making Workshops Work: Creative Collaboration for Our Time, launched in July 2021, reached number 1 on both sides of the Atlantic on Amazon in categories such as change management, project management and business comms. More importantly, readers have reported how it has helped them deliver workshops that work.

My bestselling previous book Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams, was published by Kogan Page in 2016. A second edition is coming with a special chapter on Hybrid.

I’m also an author of the latest Managing Successful Programmes guidance from Axelos.



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