Date: 6 Apr 2023

The Brown Bag is our weekly drop-in discussion. It's a chance to chat informally with fellow business anlaysis professionals, sharing experiences and tips, and forging new connections in the BA community.

We've had a number of requests for a session on this topic: this week, we'll be talking about contracting and consulting!

Have you always wondered about whether working outside of a salaried role could be for you? Is it a really precarious existence? What's the difference between being a contractor and being a consultant? What are the pros on cons when it comes to actually doing business analysis? And exactly what is IR35 anyway? If you're a business leader trying to resource projects, is it better to employ permanent staff or to keep things flexible?

If you're looking to understand more about contracting and consulting, or if you've got experiences you want to share with others, come along and join the discussion.

The Brown Bag will be open from 18:00 until 19:00 UK time, but you can drop in and out when you want. Visitors from other IIBA chapters are very welcome, as are non-members. 

The 'Drop In' button will appear on this page at the start of the session, so just return to this page and click on the button to join the session - you don't need to book in advance!

You can add thoughts using the Comments section below if you've got any ideas about how the Brown Bag should work, future subjects you'd like to talk about - or if you'd just like to tell people you'll be coming.



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