Date: 30 Jun 2023

Are you thinking about progressing in your career in business analysis, but don't necessarily want to become a manager?

In this week's Brown Bag drop-in session, we'll be talking about 'Senior Business Analyst' roles. We'll discuss what the title can mean, and what the job might entail in different organisations. While some Senior BAs do indeed manage others, we'll also talk about what non-managerial leadership can look like. We'll also think about what BAs can do to develop the skills needed to secure that senior role.

Our Brown Bag sessions alternate each week between Friday lunchtimes and Thursday evenings, and there's no need to pre-book. Just return to this page when you're ready to join the session - the "drop in" button will appear when the session opens.

Visitors from other IIBA chapters are very welcome, as are non-members.

You can add thoughts using the Comments section below if you've got any ideas about how the Brown Bag should work, subjects you'd like to talk about - or if you'd just like to tell people you'll be coming.







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