Date: 25 Aug 2023

Cybercrime is really big business. 39% of British businesses have been the victim of cyberattacks in the last year and yet only 23% have a formal cyber security strategy in place. As business analysts, much of what we do involves data, but what can we do to make sure that it is kept secure and available to only the people who need it? By exploring some of the most significant, interesting and sometimes the most absurd breaches in recent years, this session will show you what we have learned from these incidents and will show you what we can do to avoid your organisation being next.

In this session you will learn lots of interesting facts about this topical subject!

You will learn:

• How hackers take advantage of weaknesses and oversights in your organisation.

• What the newest and fastest growing threats are and how they can be avoided.

• What a zero-trust approach to security is and how it is transforming how we do business.

• What questions you can ask to ensure that your requirements are written with security in mind.


Mark Cross is a self-employed technical business analyst with over 20 years of experience of IT transformation in organisations ranging from VirginMedia, O2, Sky Digital, Burberry, NewDay and Luminor Banking Group. He specialises in cloud infrastructure and information security projects within large enterprises in the IT and financial services sectors.

He is passionate about promoting neurodiversity in industry, and educating organisations on how to improve their security posture and reducing risk to their business by adopting sound governance and the principles of zero trust. He is currently a member of the IIBA UK mentoring and professional development team and holds business analysis accreditations with the IIBA, BCS and IREB, and an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School.


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