Date: 6 Sep 2023
Where: Cardiff

If you're a BA professional in the South Wales area, this event is for you!

We love to support our local business analysis communities and to help BAs connect with each other and share ideas and experiences. Developing your professional network is a brilliant way to keep up-to-date with industry trends, learn about new opportunties, and find support when the job gets tough.

This evening is a chance to forge new connections with fellow BAs in your area, and catch-up with you those already in your local network. There's no agenda for the evening, just a chance to relax and socialise with your peers. The conversation doesn't even have to be about business analysis - although obviously nothing beats talking about our amazing profession!

As we can't guarantee the weather, we've opted for an indoor venue and will be meeting in the bar at Roxy Lanes.

We know that some people find networking a bit daunting, especially if you're coming by yourself! Stu Mullinger, Communities Director for our Wales + South West and Midlands branches, will be on hand if you want some help with introductions. Feel free to drop him a message at if you've any questions or think you might need some assistance.

If you're planning on coming, please use the "Book" button at the top of the page so we can track expected numbers.

For those of you further afield, we're looking to arrange more meetups in other areas over the coming months. Finding affordable and accessible spaces is always a challenge, so if you've got suggestions for a great venue then please get in touch or leave a comment below!





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