Date: 11 Oct 2023

Business strategy can feel like something lofty and beyond the scope of our analysis. However, the ability to identify, articulate, and analyse business strategy is really important for effective business analysis. Understanding the organisation's strategic intent is key to ensuring projects and products deliver the right things.

In this webinar, Deirdre Caren will de-mystify things with an introduction to business strategy!

What will be discussed:

  • What is strategy and what it isn’t
  • When do we need a strategy?
  • How business architecture bridges the gap from Strategy to Requirements

Deirdre will also be sharing her business strategy handout.


Deirdre Caren

As the Founder and Director of Agora Insights Ltd., I bring to the table more than 25 years of comprehensive, hands-on business delivery experience. My knowledge base extends across business architectural design, strategic analysis, requirements, integrated systems, learning methodologies, certification, and a spectrum of related fields.

Throughout my tenure, I've had the privilege of empowering thousands of business professionals, architects, and analysts. I've aided their professional progression through a robust blend of tailored training programs, personalized mentoring, and consulting solutions.

Because of my passion for these fields, I continue to learn, contribute, and build the business architecture and analyst communities globally. 


Agora Insights specializes in training, mentoring, and consulting to support the business architecture and business analysis professions. 



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