Date: 19 Oct 2023
Where: Leeds

Don’t you guys just write the user stories?  How many times have you heard this during your career?  And how frustrated does it make you feel? 


We all know that the real value a BA brings is much more than just churning out some user stories.  So why is it that most people outside of our discipline struggle to see that? 

One of our core skills is working with stakeholders to get those golden nuggets of information that eventually make up our requirements.  Maybe it’s time we started using our collaboration and communication skills to promote all the great work and analysis that is the basis of those much loved user stories.

We like to think of it as making the invisible, visible!


During this interactive session Tammy & Gordon will dig into where some of these misconceptions come from and what we can all do to change that.

Tammy Kennedy

Tammy is a seasoned Digital professional with more than 25 years’ experience across various sectors including retail, not for profit, logistics and most recently telecommunications. She has dedicated the last few years to developing and building a high functioning BA community of practice within Consumer Digital at BT. Tammy thrives on being an agent of change and helping develop those around her to realise their goals and ambitions. She is a big believer that sharing is caring and loves nothing more than talking about all things BA related.

Gordon Laing

Gordon has been working in IT for more years than he cares to mention … actually over 38 years. Starting off as a developer and moving into Business Analysis with experience in a number of sectors including TV, retail, logistics and telecoms. When not off exploring the world on his many well-planned holidays he can be found managing BAs and Release Managers at BT … but he’s still a BA at heart, keeping up with the latest BA practices and trends, and promoting the role and benefits that the BAs can bring.


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