Date: 27 Oct 2023

UK Accenture; a research study on Generative AI and the Future of Business Analysis (Virtual event)

A UK Accenture sponsored research, conducted over the summer of 2023, has put the well-known Generative AI tool 'ChatGPT' through its paces to understand the current capability of Generative AI; its strengths, weaknesses and its impact on the profession of Business Analysis. The research has also tried to predict how the world of business analysis might change in the future and explore how the business analysts of today (and the future) need to prepare themselves for the Gen AI revolution and keep themselves relevant with the changing times. Please join Jayoti Dutta-Genner, Aleksandar Geyne and Adam Smith who will talk us through this fascinating, and increasingly relevant, topic of interest.

About the speakers: 

First speaker: Jayoti Dutta-Genner (Jo)

Jayoti (Jo) is Business Architecture Associate Manager at Accenture for over 15 years. She has led many transformational change initiatives using both Waterfall methodology and Agile delivery principles. She has expertise in Retail and Commercial Banking, specialising in Credit Services and is currently working as a Lead Business Analyst and Change Manager on a digital change initiative for a well a major UK High-street bank. 

Second speaker: Aleksandar Geyne 

Aleksandar joined Accenture with 5 years of experience in Finance and the UK Public Sector. He is committed to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and finding ways to integrate them in effective business solutions, delivering innovative products and customer experiences.

Third speaker: Adam Smith

Adam is a Busienss Analyst with 2 years' experience at Virgin Money, recognized for enhancing business operations through data analysis and process improvement. He has a strong interest in the application of AI to streamline business processes. He is adept at building cross-functional relationships, combining strategic thinking with a passion for technological innovation to drive business success​.



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