Date: 3 Nov 2016
Where: Fareham

Our Agile journey so far…


Why do we continue to launch traditional projects where the time lag between inception and go live is months, sometimes years? How can we be sure the end product is of a high quality and remains current? How do we scale in large corporate environments? Zurich have started their Agile journey; working closely with partners and customers in an effort to tackle some of these common questions.

This presentation includes observations, learnings and challenges associated with their journey so far...

Tim Wall has  worked in the business analysis profession for over 15 years; within both Energy and Financial Services industries. Tim has held roles from business analyst and consultant through to BA manager and currently leads a team of business analysts at Zurich.Tim has experience in planning, implementing and scaling new change streams as well as extensive experience in delivering Agile projects. He has a keen interest in delivering change through cultivating the right environment and remains a firm believer that anything is possible with the right people and the right culture.


Alex Cottrell is an experienced Business Analyst having worked over multiple industries including insurance, media, government agency and finance, specialising in Agile methods of delivery. He has worked extensively in both Waterfall and Agile projects but is an advocate for using Agile methodologies or the practical methods of Agile delivery to improve ways of working regardless of the methodology. Previous to Zurich Alex gained a wealth of exposure in this area working for the London consultancy BJSS who specialise in using Agile methods including Scrum to deliver predictable, enterprise-scaled integrated software solutions.

Surely 'coaching' is just a passing fad? (Why it might matter more than you think!)


What really makes a business coach different from a local sports coach, or manager who has been on a short coaching course? Or even someone who has been told 'You've really helped me, you should become a coach'?. Perhaps you've thought:

  • 'I reckon I coach people at work - I've been a mentor and that's pretty much the same, isn't it?'
  • 'I wonder if I ought to find myself a coach, they say the top execs hall have them?'
  • or perhaps, 'My manager said he'd do a bit of coaching with me, what does that mean, and should I be afraid?!'

In a session which will get you thinking differently and testing out some of your own skills, Judith will clear up some popular misconceptions about coaching, as well as challenging you to see how it could play a valuable role in your own sphere of business analysis - with managers, colleagues, direct reports and yes, possibly even clients.



Judith Knight, BA (Hons) Oxon, Assoc. CIPD, Connected Coaching, is an agent of change, a catalyst if you will. It is rare to encounter her and come away just exactly the same as when you arrived! More often than not, you will have learned or discovered something new - some salient piece of knowledge, a new skill, or most valuable of all: a new awareness about yourself, others, or perhaps a particular situation. Judith's passion is connection. 'Joining the dots' is her company's strapline and sometimes it's the dots that you never knew where there which turn out to be most important. Too often you can't see the wood for the trees on your own. Creating and discovering connections within yourself, within your business, across cultures and across nations enrich and illuminate your life and work.

Communication, connection and releasing individual and business potential have been the golden threads throughout Judith's career. Starting out as linguist, then entering into the world of Learning & Development - first in the manufacturing sector, then in welfare-to-work and later in the Higher Education. As a highly experienced and qualified Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence profiler, Judith continues to harness the nuances of communication to empower her clients in their quest for change.


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