Date: 18 May 2016
Where: Edinburgh

The User Experience role is one of the latest to join the party (we are often found in the kitchen with the agile coach). Is there enough room left in the kitchen for the BA role?

The talk will give an overview of UX providing examples of practical methodologies applied in real business situations. We will discuss how UX and BA roles can collaborate together to create better solutions, blending the business and user needs together.

The speakers for the event are Clare Barnett and Hilary Brownlie

Clare started as a front end coder, and moved into UX Research and Design in 2006. She's moved from client side to agency, and back to client side. She's worked with teams using waterfall, agile, iterative, peer programming, lean, MVP and wagile approaches to development. Clare has worked across paper, product and digital, looking at ballot paper design, YouView, mobile apps and websites. 

Hilary started her career in design, mainly working in government. Since working in Student Loans, alongside GDS in the rollout, she went to the 'tartan side' and works with Clare in RoS. She believes robots are the future of healthcare, so is investing her time with them now. 


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