Date: 2 Jun 2016
Where: Edinburgh

"Our job would be easy if it wasn't for the people". Balancing the unpredictable human element in successful business analysis.

We've all experienced the frustration when a perfectly-designed process falls foul of human whim. In this session, Madeleine will explore the apparently unpredictable human reactions to change, and ways of anticipating and managing the human element to increase success. With reference to the fields of psychology, neuro-science and NLP, as well as from her own extensive professional experience, Madeleine will share real-life stories as well as practical tips for achieving the human balancing act.

Madeleine Allen, Managing Director, Allen Training Associates Ltd. has enjoyed a career of over 30 years leading multi-national, multi-million pound systems and change management programmes, including a number of high profile mergers in the financial services industry.  For the last 10 years Madeleine has specialised in helping Boards and senior managers to manage the personal and human impact of change, through bespoke workshops, training and coaching in leadership, communication and NLP.

BA: Striking the balance between domain knowledge and analysis skill

What’s more important? Deep domain knowledge in systems and/or business process or the analytical capability? Is there a ‘right’ balance and how do situations and stakeholders skew this balance? How can we hope to build teams with the right balance?

Simon Nicholls, Head of Business Analysis at Standard Life Investments, is a change professional/analyst with 20+ years’ experience in Financial Services industry. 1994 to 2002 was spent in The City of London working as a business/systems analysts on investment bank back office systems. Simon has spent the last 14 years at SLI working on various initiatives in a number of roles.



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