Date: 27 Jul 2016
Where: Birmingham

How to Sell Your Creative Talents

In an effort to standardise our work, have we lost focus of the importance of Creativity and Innovation? In an industry that promotes uniformity and standardisation through methodologies, templates and tools, it is often difficult to find opportunities to be creative. This presentation uses thought provoking topics to encourage Business Analysts to adopt a creative approach to solving their every-day client problems. Through introducing a range of techniques, this session helps Business Analysts understand the importance of developing and selling the creative soft skills that are increasingly expected as an enhancement to their technical BA tool-kit.

Delegates are taken on an engaging journey that encourages them to reflect on the legacy of creativity they have left in their wake and encourages them to stand out from the crowd by promoting a creative culture within their teams and amongst their clients. By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Understand the difference between creativity and innovation and the increasing importance of demonstrating both as a Business Analyst.
  • Take away techniques to generate creative thinking ideas and to filter creative ideas into a practical offering.
  • Have ideas on how to sell their creative talents to their clients and promote a culture of creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Having started his career as a mathematics lecturer, Ian Richards switched codes and has since accrued over 20 years’ experience as a Business Analyst with positions with FTSE 100 companies such as IBM, Serco and Fujitsu. Ian is currently working as a Managing Consultant within Capita’s ‘Transformation’ division. In his current project, he has taken a role as a Business Architect where one of his key tasks is to help his client resource and develop a brand new Business Analysis capability. Ian is an active member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), writing exam questions for the embryonic Level 2 IIBA® Certification and presenting at many IIBA® events nationwide. Ian ran a workshop and gave a presentation on business process at the IRM Business Analysis Conference Europe in 2014 and will be presenting at the IRM Business Analysis Conference Europe in 2016 again this September. Ian is also one of the few, but increasing Certified Business Analysis Professionals™ (CBAP®) in the UK and actively encourages all Business Analysts to market their creative value at every opportunity to promote our rapidly growing profession.

Building Digital Success: I need a BA

With the endless number of digital start-ups that embark upon the journey to release the next big app, it becomes increasingly important that we build the best possible team. A Birmingham based entrepreneur shares his personal story of how he successfully launched a global digital app and the importance of having a good Business Analyst on the team.


Clifford Dennett was the Founder & CEO at SoshiGames, where he secured commercial deals with one of the most famous names in the music industry, the band Queen. He also went on to secure deals with Universal Music and Sony, and successfully launched a digital app with over 1.3m users and raised £1.3m in funding. 
Clifford now drives all aspects of business development at Innovation Birmingham including; sponsorship, memberships and start-up growth for the largest community of digital businesses outside of London.



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