Date: 13 Oct 2016
Where: Edinburgh

Presentation 1:  The BA career from Apprentice to Practice Leader - Lawrence Darvill, Assist Knowledge Development

The BA career from Apprentice to Practice Leader - Lawrence will talk about all areas of career development in the BA world including: career levels, skills, certification pathways and examples of possible future careers.

Lawrence Darvill wears two hats within the business analysis field; as a Business Consultant with the training and consultancy company Assist Knowledge Development and as a Director with the UK BA Manager Forum.

Lawrence has a background in HR and staffing and has recently completed research into the higher level capabilities of BAs working as internal consultants. His research has helped establish the Expert BA Award and develop an on-line career management tool for business analysts. Lawrence also provides guidance on developing BA capability frameworks and career planning with a number of organisations.

Presentation 2: What? Where? When? Why? The story of how I became a Business Analyst - Gavin McWilliam, Lloyds Banking Group

Growing up is a scary thought, responsibility, bills, and a career!? During this talk I will discuss how I became a Business Analyst, from being a young lad not really knowing what I wanted to do, to going to University, graduating and getting a job. I will discuss how I found out about Business Analysis, why I chose Business Analysis as a career and more importantly why I would recommend Business Analysis to others. This talk will hopefully be useful, engaging and fun providing everyone with an opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.

My name is Gavin McWilliam and I am a Business Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group. I have been working at Lloyds for almost 2 years now and have been a permanent member of staff for around 6 months. I graduated from the University of Stirling in 2014 with an honours degree in Software Engineering and was fortunate enough to secure myself the role of a Business Analyst on the IT Graduate programme. Outside of work I like to play golf, play poker & attend the occasional social event.  My passion for people combined with my love of problem solving make the role a Business Analyst perfect for me and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all.



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