Date: 17 Nov 2016
Where: Edinburgh


Twin Sisters of Doom  - Michael Christon


How one word can change everything (or "how to make a BA's life a whole lot easier!")

Have you ever been in a meeting where nothing is going right? Everyone seems to be discussing the same thing but progress is slower than a snail on Valium? Of course, you have! fact it's often the norm for a Business Analyst!

At times like these, it's as if your technical ability and the breadth of your experience count for nothing ...because at that moment everyone else in the room is looking at you like you're speaking Swahili.  And there's you thinking they were the strange ones!

So what if someone was to suggest that the reason for that communication breakdown is down to just one or two words, words that seem so innocuous but which separate success from failure...?

Well, that someone is our very special speaker for November's 17th  Anniversary IIBA meeting in Edinburgh. His name is Michael Christon, and for the last 20 years he has had heads spinning with unique perspectives on business and life. 

As you will discover on Nov 17th, Michael has gained a reputation for entertaining and insightful presentations having trained thousands of businesspeople over the years. His past clients include financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank, multinationals such as Bredero Shaw and Arrow International, and even several offices of government including Scottish Enterprise.

So given the topic of this presentation, you can imagine Michael has seen his fair share of communication car crashes!

Now rest assured, this is not going to be a dry presentation on grammar or some other boredom inducing schlock. Far from it!

With excerpts from the greatest speeches of our time (and their hilarious alternatives), Michael will introduce you to the Twin Sisters of Doom and their odious cousins in language. By the end of the night - and besides sharing a fair few giggles along the way - you will have discovered how the simplest of words can make the greatest of differences, how you can quickly and easily cement commitment, and most importantly of all, how to motivate and inspire success in yourself and others with little effort.


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