Date: 28 Oct 2016

Key to transition is to know what needs to be done in the future state, who needs to do what, and the communication of this to the stakeholders who will be impacted by the change.  Some of these changes may be temporary, and other changes may be ongoing.  For example, there may be changes required to existing support functions and processes to support the implementation of a new capability.  

If the transition presents too many hurdles, it can undo delivery and adoption very quickly.  The best analogy is building a house.  It takes months, sometimes years to build a house, yet it can often be demolished in a day.  The same can occur if transition is not planned for in the strategic analysis phase and managed carefully through delivery.

How can business analysts prepare for transition in projects, whether agile or waterfall?  What do business analysts need to do so that end users can embrace and adopt the new service or product? 

Join us in this webinar with Cecily Macdougall, where we will share with you:

  • Lessons from previous projects and programs and 
  • A bank of tips and traps to help you work with the stakeholders and teams for a smooth transition and easier adoption.

Cecily Macdougall is a highly energetic, innovative and accomplished professional.  Cecily specialises in strategic IT-Enabled change, addressing the challenges of how to deliver successfully in agile, dynamic, risk laden and complex environments.  These complex, high risk programs have taken the forms of Digital Transformation, Industry Change, Organisational Change and Cultural IT-Enabling Change and ranged in size, from $3M to $100M, with 5 to 65 resources.  These successful change programs have built new capabilities, products, and services, increased organisational performance and produced significant outcomes for clients.

Cecily fosters a strong culture of learning, innovation and collaboration to achieve the required business outcomes.  She builds strong, resilient, innovative, and high performing teams that are united through a shared vision and sense of purpose that deliver and enable organisations to achieve.  Her change leadership engenders an ethic of energy, drive, transparency and accountability and develops effective sponsorship and governance and strong stakeholder partnerships.  The results - strong stakeholder adoption and successful embedded change



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