Date: 25 Oct 2016

As increasing numbers of organisations embrace agile approaches and talk of lean culture and process improvement, where does the business analyst fit in? Business Analysis is key to the success and competitiveness of organizations in today’s rapidly-changing environment, enabling the timely delivery of high value, cost-effective solutions. As the business environment continues to change, the business analyst’s role is an evolutionary one.  Embracing Agile and Lean culture is a significant part of this evolution.

This webinar looks at the essence of Lean and Agile and address the following questions, asked recently by members of the international business analysis community:

1.    How do you embed the ethos of continual learning and improvement from lean into working as an Agile BA.

2.    Organisations often seem to implement an Agile delivery lifecycle, whilst still expecting to run traditional command & control structures.  E.g. "We want you to be Agile, but we also need a 5 year development road map, a 1000 line Gantt chart and you *must* give an estimate that is +/- 0.001% for a fixed scope". How do we move towards organisational agility?

3.    What is your view on the #NoEstimates movement?

4.    Organisations mix Agile and Plan-driven approaches to create "WaterScrumFall" and other hybrids. Is this advisable? If so, how do we make sure we get the best of both worlds (and not the worst of everything).

5.    "Being Agile" vs "Doing Agile": How can companies make the cultural transition to Agile, avoiding the situation where they "do" all of the rituals, but it's all a smoke-screen for their pre-existing processes?”

Dot will cast light on all of these questions and address as many more, brought by participants, as can be fitted within the time allotted.

Dot Tudor is an international speaker on Agile approaches and Business Analysis and author of the Agile Business Analysis Handbook. A co-author of the DSDM Framework, she is also an originator of the Agile Project Management Framework.  She is a Certified Scrum Trainer and Product Owner; a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT Professional.  She is also certified in industry best practice for scaled agile and service management.  

She is a certified Agile Coach, and has coached teams around the world for many years. She works across all industry sectors with a wide range of customers from small computer games companies to multinational banks, insurance companies and government organisations. Her skills in Agile were recognised at the UK Agile Awards in both 2011 (Best Agile Coach) & 2015 (Outstanding Contribution to a DSDM Team).

Dot’s passion is to blend Agility with practicality and to enable the benefits of agility to be achieved within the needs and constraints of a corporate environment.

She is the founder and Technical Director of TCC, a company specialising in improving the way organisations manage projects and technology and achieve successful business change.



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