Date: 8 Dec 2016
Where: London

IIBA UK London Branch were delighted to welcome Dr Tom Vine and Debbie Clement-Large to our December event kindly hosted by Credit Suisse.

Talk 1 - Communities of Practice: Leveraging Social Capital


The past generation has witnessed a wholesale shift in the organisational landscape of our economy. Monolithic structures have been displaced by an array of more flexible configurations deemed better suited to contemporary markets. As part of this transition, we have witnessed a resurgence of both craft guilds and professional associations. But why is this? What are the implications? How best can a community of practice serve its members? What can each of us offer as a member? Perhaps most pertinent of all, what does the future hold for communities of practice?

Bio: Dr Tom Vine

Dr Tom Vine

Following a career in project management with the Electoral Reform Services in London, Tom began his PhD at Essex Business School in 2007. Upon completion of the degree, he has lectured at Business Schools all over the world: in Australia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Monaco and the US. He currently leads a suite of Executive MBA programmes at Suffolk Business School. He undertakes consultancy projects on behalf of Suffolk Business School for commercial organisations in both the UK and the US.

Talk 2 - The Power of Story


The telling of stories is as old as time...

They ignite our passion
They build connections and bonds
They create trust and inspire others

and yet according to Venture Capitalist Ben Horowitz,

stories are the most underrated skill [in business]

So, enjoy a talk around a virtual campfire, and learn the power of storytelling.

Bio: Debbie Clement-Large

Debbie kick-started her creativity coaching & consultancy business in 2015 after a classic lightbulb moment. Prior to this Debbie had enjoyed an eclectic career; starting with acting, then writing young adult fiction, where the telling of stories was foremost. Debbie’s journey then took a serious detour when she qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant; turning her attention to telling stories with numbers. With an innovative creative style, she found herself out of alignment with the adaptive style of accountants and rewrote her own story by qualifying as a Business Analyst. It was then that she realised that, what was missing from both the personal and professional lives of the people she worked with, was the power of creativity; and Why Follow the Herd was born.  

Why Follow the Herd now reaches around the globe providing personal and professional creative training; covering topics such as creating resilience, creative and lateral thinking for generating ideas, promoting positive evaluation of ideas, and inspiring others with the power of storytelling. This new chapter in Debbie’s story has only just begun …


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