Date: 24 Nov 2016
Where: Ipswich

IIBA UK Suffolk Branch is delighted to provide an event in collaboration with the University of Suffolk on the value provided by Business Analysis.

What value does Business Analysis bring?

This event will provide some insight into Business Analysis and the different approaches used to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. A multitude of techniques can be utilised by BAs from document analysis to focus groups, job shadowing and design thinking. However, how much value does Business Analysis actually contribute to a change effort or to the organisation in general? It is proposed that a good BA goes much further than technology but considers all business systems holistically as well as providing analysis that helps to identify new business opportunities. This event is jointly organised by the Suffolk branch of IIBA UK and the University of Suffolk Business School.

Dr Tom Vine

Dr Tom Vine (University of Suffolk) will play 'Devil's Advocate' by putting forward some of the arguments raised by those who may not necessarily see the value in hiring Business Analysts. This will encourage us to explore multiple scenarios and allow the comparison of organisational models that include Business Analysis versus those that do not.  

Bio: Following a career in project management with the Electoral Reform Services in London, Tom began his PhD at Essex Business School in 2007. Upon completion of the degree, he has lectured at Business Schools all over the world: in Australia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Monaco and the US. He currently leads a suite of Executive MBA programmes at Suffolk Business School. He undertakes consultancy projects on behalf of Suffolk Business School for commercial organisations in both the UK and the US.

Leke Laguda

Leke Laguda, CBAP (Avatar Consulting) will look at the changing role of the Business Analyst from the very first 'bridges' between the Business and Technology and contrast this against the present role of the BA, the evolution of the Business Analyst into the Business Architect and the potential for the future.

Bio: Leke is a change requirements specialist with over 10 years senior management experience in both private and public service industries. He is passionate about practice improvement and standards and has engineered structured approaches to BA career progression and team development in multiple organisations. Leke has also supported the creation of BA Centres of Excellence in Nigeria and the UK and is currently supporting the establishment of the Suffolk branch of IIBAUK.


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