Date: 30 Mar 2017
Where: Salford


The BA in a disruptive world

Please join us for an informative and fun-filled evening at the next IIBA UK North Branch event, hosted in partnership with 4iT Recruitment Ltd and ITV at 7th Floor Suite, The Landing, Blue, MediaCityUK, on 30th March 2017


18:00   Doors open, refreshments available

18:30   Introduction from IIBA UK

18:35   An overview of ITV

18:40   You complete me - Alex Smirk & Dominika Phillips-Blackburn

19:00   Story smells - Ryan Hewitt

19:20   Break

19:40  An Epic “user story” all about MoSCoW……(how BA’s stay relevant in an agile world) - Mic Holden

20:00  GDPR - the elephant in the room! – Jonathan Jacob

20:30  Close

Presentation 1:  You complete me - Alex Smirk & Dominika Phillips-Blackburn

Alex and Dominika will discuss the multiple hats an Agile BA may wear. 

Alex Smirk is a qualified CIMA accountant and has worked in media from the get go.  In his current BA role, he is creating a bespoke artist payments system for ITV. Occasionally straying into the world of testing & release management. Loves stating the obvious in a brutal fashion.



Dominika Phillips-Blackburn is an Upholsterer first, BA second. Driving Agile culture and forming a new product focusses team at ITV to deliver and support the artist payments system. Experienced working in financial services mainly (Co-op Bank, RBS, AXA).



Presentation 2:  Story smells - Ryan Hewitt

Ryan will discuss

  • Why stories are important
  • Ways they can go wrong
  • An activity to prove the above & how you can apply it to your world


Ryan Hewitt has 10 years Business Analyst experience working on Scrum, Kanban & Waterfall projects, and has worked on major projects like the BBC's Olympic website and small start-up projects.



Presentation 3: An Epic “user story” all about MoSCoW……(how BA’s stay relevant in an agile world) - Mic Holden

Mic will cover why a business analyst needs to consider agile ways of working to stay relevant within the current trends of the marketplace.

  • Putting BA’s at the centre of everything we do
  • Set up to succeed (Yorkshire Water’s growing pains)
  • Open Discussion


Mic Holden has over 10 years of IT experience, covering agile software development, applications management and solution architecture in both the Retail and Utility sectors. In his current role Mic is implementing an agile flow of work throughout Yorkshire Water IT.


Presentation 4: GDPR - the elephant in the room! – Jonathan Jacob

Jonathan will cover:

  • Overview of GDPR (+ NIS) - (not an IT issue)
  • Elements of GDPR
  • Tackling GDPR from an analytical perspective
  • Capturing regulatory requirements and maintaining tractability
  • Impact on other regulatory programs.
  • Open discussion - What are you doing and what can you be doing about GDPR?

Jonathan Jacob has over 20 years of experience advising both domestic and multinational clients on a broad range of regulatory, revenue generating strategies and IT projects. He specialises in breaking down complicated requirements and delivering ‘practical’ ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions.  

His technology experience includes advising on delivery for IT/BPO outsourcing, IT transformation, software development, ERP Implementations, cloud solutions, business intelligence and data analytics. His regulatory experience includes advising companies  to become FCA compliant, achieve ISO and DIN requirements, implement regulatory programs such as FATCA, CRS, MiFID II, MiFIR, PCI DSS and GDPR to name a few.  

Jonathan has a successful background within the retail, banking & financial services, investment banking, retail, insurance and legal industry. He is noted for his discretion  when facing time sensitive issues that impact organisation's tangible and intangible  values.


Parking is available 5 minutes from the venue


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