Date: 27 Apr 2017
Where: Glasgow

IIBA UK Scotland Branch were delighted to welcome Debra Paul to our first event in Glasgow for a couple of years which was kindly hosted by Morgan Stanley.

Agile and Business Analysis

Agile is an iterative approach to software development that has rapidly gained popularity in the IT industry as the preferred alternative to traditional project management. Adopting and agile approach to business analysis can revolutionise working practices. It enables clearer vision and success measure definitions, better stakeholder engagement and a greater understanding of customer needs, amongst other benefits.

Debra Paul provides insights from her latest publication Agile and Business Analysis, co-authored with Lynda Girvan, which provides a comprehensive introduction to agile philosophy, principles, approaches and techniques and explains these in the context of business analysis.

Debra has kindly shared the slides from the evening.


We'll be back in Glasgow with another exciting talk later this year.


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