Date: 16 Nov 2017
Where: Edinburgh

Six Spice - How to add a touch of persuasive seasoning to your working day

To be a successful BA you often need to not only communicate effectively, but also be persuasive to just the right degree. It's kind of like cooking....

When bringing together the many ingredients of any work, and as with any great recipe, there is always the option to add a little extra something. You may be concocting the greatest of dishes with fine meat, organic vegetables and rich sauces, however a pinch of salt and pepper can make all the difference!

Just as salt and pepper are universal ingredients when cooking, so too are the ‘Six Spices’ when considering any form of communication. With just a little sprinkle they can instantly add a persuasive kick, turning the tasteless bland into the mouth-watering sublime, yet these spices can seem so basic …just like salt and pepper.

In this eye-opening presentation - and returning after a much-acclaimed and entertaining performance last year for the IIBA - Michael Christon will introduce you to a set of six seemingly basic principles of influence, which are not only useful, irrespective of gender, class or creed, but also incredibly powerful when used correctly. Prepare to be inspired and entertained as you discover the culinary delights of persuasive communication.

And rest assured, Michael has no wish to turn the professional BA into a slick salesman. Consider this a ‘Michelin Star’ approach to work and communication!

After all, excessively covering your work with heaps of persuasion would be like coating everything you eat with an inch-thick layer of fiery chilli powder …and a great BA is clearly a far wiser ‘Chef’ than that!


Michael Christon has gained a reputation for entertaining and insightful presentations having trained thousands of business people over 20 years with his unique and head spinning perspectives on business and life. His past clients include financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank, multinationals such as Bredero Shaw and Arrow International, and even several offices of government including Scottish Enterprise.

This is going to be another memorable night and we look forward to you joining us for our last IIBA UK - Scotland event of 2017.


The slide from Michael's talk can be accessed here


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