Date: 12 Oct 2017
Where: Newcastle upon Tyne

Agile and Business Analysis


Lynda Girvan provides insights from her latest publication Agile and Business Analysis, co-authored with Debra Paul, which provides a comprehensive introduction to agile philosophy, principles, approaches and techniques and explains these in the context of business analysis.

In the talk Lynda discusses:

• What is an Agile Business Analyst?

• The benefits of Lean, System and Service Thinking

• The need to shorten the loop from requirement to delivery

• How to use agile models to visualise and understand ‘just enough'

• How Agile Business Analysts add value and contribute to development teams


Lynda Girvan is a Principal Consultant for CMC Partnership and is their Lead Agile BA. Lynda has over 25 years’ experience in business analysis, agile development, agile coaching and transformational change programmes across both public and private sectors. Lynda previously developed and led the Agile training portfolio for AssistKD and was a key contributor during the creation and development of the Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis. Lynda is co-author of the BCS publication ‘Agile and Business analysis’ and ‘Developing Information Systems’ and has spoken at many European and international conferences on agile and business analysis. Lynda is a member of the advisory board and organising committee for the BA conference Europe and provides subject matter expertise in business analysis and agile to the Chartered Institute of IT, BCS.







The Business Analysis career


Lawrence Darvill talks about all aspects of career development within the Business Analysis profession. This includes: skills and career development, certification pathways and examples of possible future careers.


Lawrence is a Director with both Assist Knowledge Development (Business analysis training and consultancy) and the UK BA Manager Forum. Lawrence has a background in HR and staffing and has completed research into the higher level skills required of BAs working as internal consultants. This research has helped establish the Expert BA Award and led to the development of an on-line career management tool for business analysts.

Most recently Lawrence took a lead role in establishing the apprenticeship in Business Analysis that was approved by the UK government in May 2017. Lawrence also provides guidance on developing BA capability frameworks and career planning with a number of organisations.





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